AIS App - The Income Tax Department has launched an AIS app for Taxpayers

New App For Taxpayers - The Income Tax Department has launched (AIS) app for Taxpayers. Read On to know more…

There is good news for the taxpayers related to obtaining an Annual Information Statements application. The Indian government's Income Tax Department launched a free smartphone app called AIS available on the Play store and Apple store. 

The Annual Information Statement (AIS), a compilation of different pieces of information relating to a taxpayer, is intended to be fully viewed through the app. Taxpayers are able to provide detailed information on the data shown in AIS

This app aims to provide a comprehensive view of collecting various information related to a taxpayer’s Annual Information Statement

The AIS information can also be accessed through the AIS web portal. It is stated that the detailed information between the data displayed on the mobile app and the web portal will be the same

Moreover, if there is any feedback provided on one interface, that will be automatically visible on the other interface also. This app is designed with a simple & easy interface considering taxpayers of all classes and ages.

Significant Features of The AIS App Are As Follows

  • General Information- Taxpayers can now check their details such as Name & PAN on the Mobile Home Screen rather than going to the web portal.
  • Feedback- The taxpayer will be able to give feedback on the active information shown under TCS/TDS Information or Other information elements.
  • Activity History Tab- It will be feasible to check the list of activities done by taxpayers through this tab.
  • Download AIS- Taxpayers can easily AIS information, provided feedback, etc.
  • IVA- A chatbot will be there to facilitate for answering all of your queries.

How To Download AIS App?

The AIS application is available in both the play store & Apple Store. The steps to download AIS are as follows-


  • Go to the App store/Play store on your smartphone
  • Type “AIS” in the given search bar, and you will see this application “AIS for Taxpayers
  • Click on the tab “Download/Install”.
  • The AIS app will be then installed on your smartphone.