Business Patent Registration of india

Patent registration grants inventors the exclusive legal right to use, sell, or license their technical innovations or ideas. This government-approved process, governed by the Patent Act 1970 and Patent Rules 1972, safeguards the originality and value of your invention. Understanding the complexities of patent registration can be overwhelming. That's where we come in! Our reliable patent registration package streamlines the process, ensuring you achieve positive results. We take the hassle out of patent registration, allowing you to focus on what matters most: bringing your innovative ideas to life..

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Business Patent Registration of india

Patent registration Explaination

Patents play a crucial role in safeguarding the intellectual property rights of innovative creations, whether they're products, services, or processes. In India, adhering to the Indian Patent Act of 1970 is essential for patent registration to ensure recognition and protection of these rights.

At IndiaFilings, we have a deep understanding of the complexities within the Indian patent landscape. With our team of experts and streamlined processes, we'll guide you through each step of the patent registration process, ensuring that your invention receives the recognition and protection it rightfully deserves. Are you ready to safeguard your innovation? Let IndiaFilings lead the way to hassle-free patent registration.

What is a Patent?

A patent is a legal certificate that grants individuals or companies exclusive rights to protect their inventions, preventing others from importing, producing, or selling their inventions without permission. Many inventors seek patents to shield their unique concepts from unauthorized use.

Patent Registration

Patent Registration is a formal process that provides inventors with exclusive rights to their inventions, whether they're products, services, or technologies. This grants the inventor sole authority over their creation throughout the patent's validity period. It's imperative for inventors and businesses to register their patents to prevent unauthorized individuals or entities from using, selling, or manufacturing their inventions without consent.

Advantages Of Patent Registrations

Securing a patent grants you exclusive rights for a specified duration (typically 20 years) to:

  • Create, utilize, vend, import, or offer your invention for sale.

  • Deter others from replicating or profiting from your creation without your consent.

This enables you to:

  • Sustain a competitive advantage within the market.

  • License your innovation to third parties for royalties.

  • Develop a robust brand identity centered around your inventive concept.

  • Pursue legal action in the event of infringement.

What You Need to File for Patent Registration

  1. Patent Application Form: This official document outlines crucial details about your invention, including its title, description, and claims, serving as the cornerstone of your patent application.
  2. Detailed Description: Here, you'll furnish a comprehensive explanation of your invention, encompassing technical specifications, functionality, and operational mechanisms. Diagrams, drawings, and flowcharts may be included for clarity.
  3. Claims: This section delineates the specific aspects of your invention for which you seek exclusive rights. Claims are precise legal statements that distinctly define the scope of your invention.
  4. Prior Art Disclosure (Optional): If you've previously disclosed your invention publicly, a prior art disclosure form may be required to provide information on any prior presentations or publications.
  5. Proof of Authorship: Documents such as inventor statements or lab notebooks serve to establish your ownership of the invention.
  6. Drawings (if applicable): Detailed drawings or illustrations may be necessary to visually represent the features and functionalities of your invention.
  7. Patent Fees: Payment of government fees associated with filing and processing your patent application is essential.
Additional Documents (may vary):
  • Assignment documents (if applicable)
  • Information Disclosure Statement (IDS)
  • Power of Attorney (if using a patent attorney)
  • Patent regulations can be intricate, and requirements may vary based on location and invention type.
  • Consulting a patent attorney ensures proper documentation gathering and effective navigation of the patent registration process.
  • Providing complete and accurate documentation enhances the likelihood of securing successful patent registration, safeguarding your innovative creation.

Procedure To Patent Registration

Invention Disclosure & Patentability Search (Optional but Recommended):

Consider disclosing your invention to a trusted advisor, like a patent attorney, for assessment of novelty and patentability. Conduct a patentability search to identify existing patents that may overlap with your invention, saving time and resources.

Application Preparation:

Begin drafting your patent application, compiling essential documents such as the patent application form, detailed description, claims, and drawings (if applicable). Guidance from a patent attorney ensures accuracy and maximizes application approval chances.

Application Filing & Fees:

Submit the complete patent application package to the relevant patent office, typically through electronic filing, and pay associated government fees.

Examination by the Patent Office:

Patent examiners review your application to ensure legal and technical compliance, issuing office actions for clarifications or modifications if needed.

Responding to Office Actions (if applicable):

Address concerns raised by the patent office within the specified timeframe, potentially involving additional information provision or claim amendments. Collaboration with a patent attorney eases legal complexities and effective communication with the patent office.

Grant or Rejection:

The patent office grants or rejects your patent application after thorough examination. If granted, you receive a patent certificate, acknowledging exclusive rights to the invention for a limited period (typically 20 years).

Patent Maintenance Fees (Optional):

Pay maintenance fees at specific intervals mandated by the patent office to sustain patent rights throughout its term.


The patent registration process is complex and time-consuming. Partnering with a qualified patent attorney streamlines the process, increases success chances, and ensures intellectual property receives deserved legal protection. Following these steps and seeking professional guidance facilitates effective navigation of the patent registration journey, securing exclusive rights to your innovative creation.

Frequently asked questions

A patent is a legal document granted by the government that gives inventors exclusive rights to their inventions for a specified period.

Patent registration provides legal protection for your invention, allowing you to prevent others from making, using, selling, or importing your invention without your permission.

It's recommended to conduct a patentability search or consult with a patent attorney to assess the novelty and patentability of your invention.

The patent registration process involves preparing and filing a patent application with the relevant patent office, followed by examination and potential issuance of the patent.

The patent registration process can vary in duration, but it typically takes several years from application to grant, depending on factors such as the complexity of the invention and the backlog at the patent office.

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Good Services by Mr. Gopal Krishna ji, the entire process of starting from filing the return till refund is completely smooth & seamless. I strongly recommend to try their services once & you never turned back. I have been a happiest & loyal customer since last 5 years. Thank you & keep up the good work in future.

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