Attention- DSC Update

Class 2 DSC’s issuance will be withdrawn/ stop from 1st January 2021 as per CCA Directions.

Only Class 3 DSC will be issued from 1st January 2021.

All Class 2 DSC`S that are made and which are yet not expired shall function as it is till it gets expired so make note of same and no need to worry for existing non-expired class 2 DSC`S

Assuming this move of stopping class 2 DSC and considering today's cost of class 3 DSC it is very much expected that cost of DSC`S shall shoot up very sharply and to very big extend so it is the sincere advice to all PARTNERS that get all DSC`S RENEWED - that are expiring in Dec-2020 or expired earlier but required for AUDITS and which are going to expire in other 3 to 4 months; get that same renewed in this month itself and save the cost of DSC`s

Plan accordingly.


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New IVG guidelines issued by CCA office: 



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