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All about Patent Search in India

Before knowing anything else about patent search, it is essential to first understand the patent. So a patent is generally referred to as a right that is granted by the government to the inventor/applicant of the invention. The right does not let others make, sell, offer for sale, or import the patented product(s) or process(s) in the market.

What is Patent Search

Before knowing anything else about patent search, it is essential to first understand the patent. So a patent is generally referred to as a right that is granted by the government to the inventor/applicant of the invention. The right does not let others make, sell, offer for sale, or import the patented product(s) or process(s) in the market.

How to Register a Patent in India

The first step is to visit the website according to the type of patent application, an Indian patent search can be categorized into a granted/published application. You can select the application sort by checking the checkbox and there will be some categories that you have to choose from categories under Application Date Title Applicant Number Applicant Name Indian Patent Application Number Patent Number Inventor Name Patent Number Applicant Number Inventor Country Abstract Complete Specification Inventor Address Filing office PCT Application Number PCT Publication number In the second step, you are required to enter the appropriate information. There you can see a search box beside every category of details. You can easily search for the available patents by entering your patent name. After this, enter the displayed captcha to continue the process. Thirdly, when you fill in the captcha properly, the results will appear based on the application number and the information you entered in the previous step. However, you also can analyze the details of the registered patents based on your query. By doing so you will eradicate the patent name that you have already registered. You may find the following information about the registered patent on the website. Invention Title Publication Type Application Number Application Filing Address Country Date Priority Number Priority Country Publication number Publication Date Priority Date Classification Inventor Name Field of Invention Address Country Nationality Applicant Name Nationality

Patent Application Status

you will be required to choose two options from the entered details: abstract or complete specification. Choose the one according to your requirement. When you complete all the details, you can view the information on patents already registered under the various headings. There you will see the details of the patent that are already registered. This information will help you to avoid mistakes in your Indian patent search application.

Significance of Patent Search in India

Patent search plays a vital role in the proposed invention. A patent search lets you know what information is attainable in the public domain regarding the product/invention. It can help in identifying and comparing the same or appropriate patent/non-patent documents to specify the patentability of the applied invention. A patent search in India can provide you with the following ways: You can get whether patents are already registered or not. You have a right (Being an original inventor) to file a legal suit to claim your rightful title. Can know whether a granted patent is invalidated or not. You will get more details about similar inventions and the status of patent findings.

Types of Patent Search

There are five types of patent search available right now. The applicant or inventor of the invention can perform as follows- Patentability Search This patent is also known as a novelty search, a patentability search lets an applicant identify whether or not an idea or invention is seen, or understood. The proper patent search consists of all types of prior art to give an inventor or organization a comprehensive look at the technology landscape. It is advisable that a patentability search should be conducted during the ideation phase or before disclosure. State of the Art This type of search is wider than other patent searches. It lets you determine the availability of inventions/technologies in the market. Using a state of the art patent search helps businesses to find their rivals and existing inventions within their field. This search also produces results about technological development in the subject. Moreover, you can minimize the expenditure of money by identifying the trend of existing products or processes in the market. Invalidity Search This patent search is taken into use after the patent is granted to the applicant. The intent of this type of search is to assess whether or not a patent provided for an invention is fair in contrast to previous art that was published prior to the date of filing of the patent application. Evidence of Use Search This search is to seek out those products/inventions that break their patent rights. This type of search is called an evidence-of-use search. To find these products, an organization or inventor will examine similar patents and look for evidence the patent is utilized in a way that infringes on the searcher’s rights. Proof of use searches occur after a patent is granted and as it matures. Done correctly, each of these searches can slow down an innovation team. To bring your invention to market faster, turn to a professional search team. 2. Freedom to Operate Search This patent search is also known as a right-to-use or clearance search. Typically, this type of search is executed before the invention in the commercial market to avoid breaking the patent. Summing up, patent search is an essential part of the inventor of the invention. These patents are an important source of innovative protection. An industry that lacks innovation, and legal protection usually struggles for profitability like the industry. You as a business person should recognize the need for patent registration. But before that, you will check for patents already registered and for that follow the 3 steps mentioned above in the article. So, what are you waiting for, go and start the patent search.

Frequently asked questions

A patent search refers to a right given to an inventor/applicant of the invention granted by the government. It excludes others from selling, making, and forming the same invention.

This search is conducted to check the patents which will delay the process of commercialization.

The significance of patent search is conducted to know the required information about the invention's use and to check whether the patent can be patented or not.

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