Companies Incorporated in India

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CIN / LLP PIN Company Name / Limited Liability Partnership Name RoC Status
ABA-8356 Vysha Techsolutions Llp RoC-Hyderabad Active
ABA-8355 Firebirdz Spirits Ventures Llp RoC-Pune Active
ABA-8354 Msm Infratech Llp RoC-Pune Active
ABA-8353 Regal Fisheries Llp RoC-Pune Active
ABA-8352 Softrench Technologies Llp RoC-Kanpur Active
ABA-8351 Impetus Fitness Llp RoC-Mumbai Active
ABA-8350 Eu Logistics Llp RoC-Ahmedabad Active
ABA-8349 Starkblue Ventures Llp RoC-Mumbai Active
ABA-8348 Cosmocap Enterprises Llp RoC-Gwalior Active
ABA-8347 Wise Monkey Films Llp RoC-Mumbai Active
ABA-8346 Canila Ventures Llp RoC-Bangalore Active
ABA-8345 Vixmart Distributions Llp RoC-Ernakulam Active
ABA-8344 Wiseminds Manpower Solutions Llp RoC-Ahmedabad Active
ABA-8343 Dhobale Properties Llp RoC-Mumbai Active
ABA-8342 Simplex Natural Resources Llp RoC-Kolkata Active
ABA-8341 Sn. Adsel Cable Industry Llp RoC-Delhi Active
ABA-8340 Finprotect Risk Assessors Llp RoC-Hyderabad Active
ABA-8339 Leadway Resource Llp RoC-Pune Active
ABA-8338 Comfycareplus Llp RoC-Ernakulam Active
ABA-8336 Edu-kingdom Llp RoC-Ernakulam Active
ABA-8335 Simarth Management Llp RoC-Delhi Active
ABA-8334 Mevitas Llp RoC-Ahmedabad Active
ABA-8333 Sujata Properties Llp RoC-Kolkata Active
ABA-8332 Pados Property Holdings Llp RoC-Mumbai Active
ABA-8331 1824 Creations Llp RoC-Coimbatore Active
ABA-8330 Daily Banner Apptech Llp RoC-Ahmedabad Active
ABA-8329 Cch Infrastructure Llp RoC-Bangalore Active
ABA-8328 Vincitore Lifestyle Llp RoC-Delhi Active
ABA-8327 Ennea Circle Llp RoC-Delhi Active
ABA-8326 Domiark Technology Solutions Llp RoC-Ernakulam Active
ABA-8325 Twopir Properties Llp RoC-Pune Active
ABA-8324 Rudraksha Advisory Llp RoC-Mumbai Active
ABA-8323 Regenta Build & Developers Llp RoC-Jaipur Active
ABA-8322 Ds Fuel & Pallets Llp RoC-Delhi Active
ABA-8321 Mervenit Sol Llp RoC-Hyderabad Active
ABA-8320 Goshine Solutions Llp RoC-Mumbai Active
ABA-8319 Asean Academy Of Entrepreneurship & Empl Oyability (Aaeeglocal) Llp RoC-Delhi Active
ABA-8318 Colour Yellow Home Entertainments Llp RoC-Mumbai Active
ABA-8317 Tannu Realtors Llp RoC-Delhi Active
ABA-8316 Tres Hermanos Foods Llp RoC-Pune Active
ABA-8315 Lavas Fincom & Advisory Llp RoC-Mumbai Active
ABA-8314 Yajat Creation Llp RoC-Ahmedabad Active
ABA-8313 Fairfield Delight Properties Llp RoC-Bangalore Active
ABA-8312 Cencomed Solutions Llp RoC-Mumbai Active
ABA-8311 Akarya Buildcon Llp RoC-Mumbai Active
ABA-8310 Sks Digital Data Solutions Llp RoC-Hyderabad Active
ABA-8309 Balaji Engineering & Consultancy Solutio Ns Llp RoC-Chhattisgarh Active
ABA-8308 Anant Land Developers Llp RoC-Jaipur Active
ABA-8307 Universe Heights (India) Llp RoC-Kolkata Active
ABA-8306 Kfj Homes And Estates Llp RoC-Mumbai Active