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Copyright Registration is a Government approval provided to an original intellectual asset. This registration lets its applicant possess the exclusive ownership right and various other benefits, such as, commercial use, global publicity, permit of reuse, etc. If you’re looking for a genuine service of hassle free Copyright Registration, we’re the one to help you. Our Copyright Registration Package is 100% secured and guaranteed to ensure your work’s legal protection and value. Go through its details and know how it works THE BEST.

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What is Copyright ?

Under Copyright Law, many things have been protected, like, original literature, books, computer programs, published editions, websites, sound recording, cinematography film, broadcasts on radio and television, artistic work, like paintings and photographs, musical works, and others. When you wish to gain commercial benefits and reserve ownership of your own/or any other’s work that you’ve purchased through contract, you need get copyright registration by following these conditions:

  • Copyright protection is given to original work that is not copied/stolen from anywhere.
  • You, as an owner will reserve the right to use your work as per your will and allow others to use it as per your discretion. In case, your copyright protected work is used without your permission, you can put legal charge against that party and that will be treated as legal offence, if proven.
  • Copyright protection can be extended even after owner’s death.

Benefits Of Copyright Registration

  • It’s legal protection given worldwide to the original owner of the work. No parts of a copyright protected work can be copied, reproduced or taken without owner’s permit anywhere in the world.
  • A copyright protected work is an intangible asset that comes under Intellectual Property. Its rights that can be sold, distributed, commercially contracted, permitted for adaptation and franchised only with legal procedure.
  • Copyright protected work is officially recorded to be available for public display where owner is known globally and is able to establish identity in the market. Copyright protected work is searchable worldwide.
  • Builds good image of your products in customer’s mind and helps in the work’s marketing.
  • Copyright protected work is permitted for public performance under formal permission, wherever applicable.

Required Documentation For Copyright Registration

  • Power of Authority (when you assign us as your legal representative for processing the Copyright Registration)
  • Basic details of the applicant, such as, Name, Address, Nationality, etc.
  • Author’s personal details with photograph (where applicable) and NOC (in case, author/person whose photo, work is to be published and applicant are different)
  • Copies of Original Work (2 copies) in soft copies. In case, you submit a program for copyright, 4 CDs/DVDs
  • Clear Copyright Search Certificate from the Trademark Office (TM-60) before submission (in case, artistic work)
  • DD/IPO of Indian currency per work (as applicable)
  • NOC from publisher, work published and publisher is different from the applicant

Our Package Is Offering You:

  • Application Drafting
  • Application Filing
  • Government registration fees
  • Dairy Number Issue
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Procedure To Copyright Registration

STEP–1) Application of Copyright

We’ll draft your Copyright Application in the correct Form IV format attached with required document to submit in Registrar’s Office. For multiple works, we’ll draft separate application as per the guidelines and instructions, documents provided by you. Each application should be duly signed by the applicant and our legal representative (authorized by you) who is working to process your application on your behalf. We’ll update you about the process.

STEP–2) Issuance of Dairy Number

You’ll receive Dairy Number issued from Registrar’s Office within the fixed period of 30 days.

STEP–3) Verification

Your application will take 30 days to confirm on any objection from other parties. In case, any objection comes, it will be legally sorted by the examiner on the basis of both the parties’ justification. Otherwise, if there is no objection, your application will be thoroughly checked for any errors or disparity by a Scrutinizer and approved to obtain the Copyright. Accordingly, an entry of your work will be recorded by the Registrar in Register of Copyright as a proof of registration.

STEP–4)  Congratulations!!

The Copyright Registration process is complete now.

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FAQs of Copyright Registration

Copyright is a right that allows the creators to protect their original piece of work such as original literature, books, computer programs, published editions, websites, sound recordings, cinematography films, broadcasts on radio and television, and artistic work, like paintings and photographs, musical works, and others.

No. It is not essential to register for the copyright or any kind of formality. Registration of copyright is optional.

The process of copyright registration usually takes up to 6 to 8 working days.

There are certain ideas and methods that do not fall under the law of copyright such as business operations, technical discoveries, mathematical principles, and other such concepts.

The fees for the registration of copyright can vary based on the piece of work. This fee may be between Rs.500 to Rs.5000.

Yes. You can also submit the application for the copyright registration physically by visiting the address Plot no. 32, Boudhik Sampada Bhawan, Sector 14, Dwarka, New Delhi - 110075.

The symbol of copyright is presented as “©” or the word “Copyright”.

As per the general rule of copyright provide a limited time of 60 years from the acquisition date of copyright.

Yes. These materials are eligible for copyright registration as per the copyright act, but these things should be original.

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