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In terms of Income Tax regulations, taxpayers are obliged to complete their tax returns for the financial year if the income tax exceeds the basic exemption limit. Completion of income tax return must be completed by confirming return by EVC verification mode within 120 days from the date of tax return. The Department of Taxation has launched an e-verification verification program to help taxpayers verify their forms as soon as possible. This method of making EVC and ITR verification can only be used by taxpayers earning less than Rs. 5,00,000. In addition, the taxpayer should not be entitled to any refunds. E verification is done using a user-generated Electronic Verification Code (EVC) using a variety of methods. In this article, we will briefly consider the process of making EVC.

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1. Methods of Generating EVC

EVC can be made using any of the following:

  • Email ID and mobile number
  • Aadhar card
  • Complete banking
  • Automatic Speech Machine (ATM)
  • Bank account details
  • Demat account

2. Tax Filing & EVC Verification Process

The following is the process of submitting tax returns online:

Step 1:- E-Filing Website

Visit the filing website of the Department of Taxation (https://www.myitronline.com/)

Step 2:- Register or Login

Please find three options on the top right corner of the page. Click “Login here” if you have already registered on the portal. If not, click the first option which prompts you to “Register yourself”.

3. Steps for Registration

You can subscribe to the site by clicking on the "Register yourself" option mentioned above. The registration process includes the following steps:

Step 1:- Type of user

The first step in this process is to identify yourself by selecting the type of user from the categories described in it. For example; individual, HUF, company; and other forms of testing.

Step 2:- Basic Details

Enter details demanded on the page, and choose two secret questions which will be handy in resetting the password. Click on ‘Continue’ after filling in the necessary details in the registration form.

Step 3:- Verification of Registration

The registration process will be completed by verifying it via OTP, which will be sent to your email address and mobile number.

4. EVC Verification Procedure

After you sign up, the procedures below will help you complete the entire process:

Step 1:- Login

To repeat, click on the "Get in here" option available on the e-filing website.

Step 2:- User ID and Password

On the next page, enter your User Id, Password and Captcha code displayed in the sign-in space on the page.

Step 3:- View Returns/Forms

Select the "Returns / Forms" view tab found on the home login menu.

Step 4:- View the pending returns

On the next page, select "Click here to view your pending returns for e-verification".

Step 5: E-Verify

Now, you can confirm your return by clicking on the e-Confirm option next to the return details.

Step 6:- Choose your option

Now coming to the EVC part, you will be provided with three options in the following page. Choose the second option (if you have not obtained EVC).

Step 7:- Through e-mail ID and mobile number

You will be offered two options, select the "EVC-To Registered Email Id and Mobile Number" option

Step 8:- Verify your ITR

The order can be completed by saying EVC with alpha-numeric numbers in the space provided and click 'Submit'.

The process described above successfully concludes the verification process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What is Income Tax Return?

The ITR is simply a record of all the money a person earns in a particular financial year. When Gross Total Income prior to deduction under Chapter VI A exceeds the basic release limit (Rs. 250000 / Rs.3000000 / Rs. 500000), it is compulsory to file income tax returns. For more information on tax evasion, see our guide.


Q- What is Income Tax Return Filing?

Completing IT returns means submitting all income details to the revenue department in a valid ITR form.


Q- What is e-verification of ITR?

E-verification is an integral part of the process of filling out tax returns. After that the tax department checks that it continues to operate. If the refund is not verified it becomes invalid as if no refund was ever entered.

There are 2 ways to verify ITR, both offline and offline. If you verify tax returns using any online mode (by not sending ITR V to the CPC, Bengaluru) it is called e verification (or electronic verification) for income tax return (ITR).


Q- When & Why should I verify my ITR?

It is very important to ensure the return of the income tax within 120 days of filing as the consideration of the refund starts only when the ITR is verified. If you fail to guarantee a refund then it will not be considered a file and you will lose your tax refund (if any) etc. Also, you will need to submit a return form from the beginning.


Q- What is the difference between verification & e verification of Income Tax Return?

Verification of ITR is done either online or offline. When ITR is verified online, that process is called e verification and when ITRV send through post, that process is called verification.


Q- Is it mandatory to use e verify?

It is not compulsory for taxpayers to verify the ITR. All options, whether offline or online authentication are available without restrictions.


Q- What is EVC?

EVC or electronic verification code is an alphanumeric number used to verify income tax returns online.


Q- What Happens after the E-verification of ITR?

Once you have successfully verified the return of the estimated income tax it is considered to be continued by the tax department.


Q- What is EVC verification?

If you verify the ITR using the Electronic Verification Code (EVC), this process is called EVC verification.


Q- Can ITR V sent by speed post?

Yes, you can send ITR V to CPC, Bengaluru using Ordinary Post or Speed ​​Post. Courier shipping option is not allowed.


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