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7 Steps To File ITR Without Form 16

Being the person in charge of the first and most important document purchased to file an ITR is Form 16 without a doubt !! But, what if you have not yet received or lost the same? Is there another way to formalize your income tax application ?? Yes Yes. If possible, Form 16 is not available on time, you can follow these 7 steps to file an ITR without Form 16.

Collect your Pay Slip

Form 16 contains all the details relating to your taxable income. The same can be obtained with a salary slip received by your employer. Therefore, in the event that your 16th form is absent, the division of income and tax details may be deducted from your periodic pay slip.

Make use of 26AS

Form 26AS may notify you that TDS has been deducted from your total income within a particular year, including your salary. Reading your 26AS in detail will help you in two ways,

  • It will show your TDS deducted from earnings as well
  • If, you have received any other income during the year, where TDS has been deducted. You can find out about it and disclose it while completing the ITR

Calculate your Deductions

You may have made some expenses and investments that could reduce the amount of taxable income. Such exemptions include rent, donations or deductions due under section 80C - LIC, PPF etc. Calculate all the deductions and get the same benefit from lowering your taxes, while completing the ITR.

Compute your Income From Other Sources

Try to remember all the sources of revenue for this year. It could be rent or income from shares or joint ventures or income from the sale of certain assets and any such income that you do not receive from the employer. Summarize all of that income and its value in order to disclose what is due at the time of repaying your income. It may also affect your choice of ITR form.

Know your taxes payable

After verifying the sources of revenue, deductions to be claimed, TDS has already deducted the final calculation of revenue will result in two things

Either additional taxes have been paid, through which you can earn a refund through ITR or, Some tax payments are still payable, which you must pay before applying to the ITR.

Choose appropriate ITR Form

Choosing the ITR form is one of the most important options. It depends largely on your revenue sources and the amount earned. Exposing the correct information in the wrong form may result in disabling Complete Restoration.

File and Submit ITR

The final step involves preparing and submitting your return with the Income Tax Department. In addition, do not forget to confirm it by email within 120 days of completion.

Form 16 covers all your salary divisions and donations made to PPF etc. Also, the amount deducted by the employer such as TDS and the final tax debt can be easily determined. Normally, form 16 is issued to all employees on time, but its non-availability in unavoidable cases can be taken through the above steps.

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Frequently asked questions

No, any deductions or unregistered with TRACES cannot download Form 16. Only a registered trader/donor on TRACES can download Form 16 / 16A who had TDS for that Financial Year.

The employer gives the employee a Form 16 to him or her to easily get your Form 16 from your employer. Even when you retire, Form 16 can be obtained from your employer. Significantly, the IT Form 16 is not available for download and can only be obtained from the employer

Although Form 16 is the most important form to file an ITR an ITR can still be filed without Form 16. Click here to know more.

Form TDS certificate in Form 16 is issued by the employer only once TDS has been deducted. If TDS is not yet with the employer, he or she will not provide his or her employee with Form 16. For more information, see our Guide on How to Upload Files Without Form 16.
Note: Gifts are taxed on the value of all gifts received annually and not on the value of each gift.

Yes, an employer must furnish a certificate, in the format of Form 16. According to the Income Tax Act, an employer or a person who deducts TDS from payment a certificate with details of TDS deducted & deposited with the government. Read More to know more.

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