How to Apply ITR (Income Tax Returns) to myitronline - Income Tax E-filing Guide For FY 2020-21

Nothing proves your financial prudence and ethics like tax compliance - timely ITR inclusion. Completing your income tax return is not as difficult as it sounds. Here is a step-by-step guide to e-mail your tax return using myitronline. Easy, easy and fast. Steps to Applying Your Income Tax Returns Online:

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1. How do you apply the ITR? - Steps to submitting your ITR via email

ITR Efiling - Login & Required Documents Before we begin, you must have the following documents to speed up the process: PAN Adhaar Bank account details Form 16 Details of investment

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is it important to apply for a tax return?


The Department of Revenue authorizes you to complete a rebate only if your income exceeds the basic exemption limit or if you meet certain conditions such as foreign travel expenses in excess of Rs 2 lakh and electricity consumption of Rs 1 lakh or more, Deposit amount / total amount more than Rs 1 crore on one or more current account for FY 2019-20 or onwards. In the case of a resident whose property is outside India or has the authority to sign an account outside India.It is always a good idea to enter your ITR even if you do not qualify due to the benefits. The inclusion of the ITR creates effective proof of income, The ITR is required to apply for any future loans ITR is required by banks even for inserting credit cards ITR required for VISA applications etc. It is therefore advisable to enter the ITR even if your income is below the basic release limit.

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