How to Get Started With Your Big Money Loss

When you calculate your Profit and when you receive receipts for the sale of capital assets that are less than the acquisition cost (whether there is an index or not) and transfer costs - instead of cash interest you lose money. Although the maximum profit is taxable according to the applicable tax rate, based on the type of structure and the long or short term. Let's understand how financial losses are managed.

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1. The beginning of losing money

Income Tax does not allow for losses below the maximum revenue to be deducted from any income from other heads - this can only be done within the heading ‘Income Profit’. Long-term Money Loss can only be made compared to Long-Term Money Benefits. Short-term Financial Losses are allowed to be implemented on both the Long-Term Benefits and the Short-term Benefits.

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Compulsory Completion Compensation


To keep track of your losses, the Revenue Department stipulates that annual losses will not be processed unless the refund for that year is lodged before the due date. Even if it is a loss refund, you have no income to show - file your refund before the due date.

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